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The World of Alberto Makali


Evoking fearless femininity, Alberto Makali designs a range of expressive womenswear that liberates women from the constraints of a quiet wardrobe. 

 Known for our penchant for prints, Alberto Makali integrates bold and memorable details in his designs—from re-imagined florals to stunning sequin patterns. 

Every piece exudes presence and power in a way that brings feminine confidence to the fore, giving new meaning to power dressing for women.

Yet, wearability and movement are key. Alberto Makali designs do not restrict its muse. Instead, the fit and flow embrace the woman on the go, liberating her body and movements.

Fabric plays a role in the performance of his designs. Alberto Makali only sources materials that best interpret his vision, carefully considering every point from structure to comfort. This emphasis on craftsmanship lends well to every piece: buying an Alberto Makali design is investing in well-made creations that wear beautifully for years.


Maximalism With Meaning 

Alberto Makali is all about conversation pieces. The brand focuses on spirited designs that make even the most ordinary occasion feel exuberant. 

From designer evening gowns to luxury women’s work wear, Alberto Makali offers an extraordinary piece for every stage and every event of a woman’s life—from boardroom meetings to black-tie evenings.

 Here, every occasion is a chance to get glammed to the nines, every creation a call to indulge in something special. Simply put, Alberto Makali is for the woman who wants to celebrate herself.